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Jul 2015
Jayson Harshbarger
Jul 14 2015 09:20
Hello @guybedford , I've been working on a HTML imports plugin. I would love feedback. Perhaps you have something better planned?
Guy Bedford
Jul 14 2015 12:09
@Hypercubed nice! Seems like a very sensible plugin.
Marjan Georgiev
Jul 14 2015 14:34

@guybedford when adding configuration for bundles on systemjs 0.18.4, should extensions be included?

System.bundles['build/core'] = ["jquery"]


System.bundles['build/core.js'] = ["jquery"]

Marjan Georgiev
Jul 14 2015 16:05
Looks like System does not recognize the bundles config in my app
Guy Bedford
Jul 14 2015 16:59
@marjan-georgiev configuration needs to be set through System.config({})
Marjan Georgiev
Jul 14 2015 17:15
ah, thanks! It used to work without that before
Peter Müller
Jul 14 2015 19:40
How is the compatibility between requirejs plugins and systemjs loaders? Can Systemjs run my requirejs plugins while I'm in a transitional state?
Zach Cregan
Jul 14 2015 20:04
If I use SystemJS in a nodejs program, can I import npm packages? Will my imports follow the node require lookup semantics? (