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Jul 2015
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Jul 24 2015 01:35
I'm importing a json, and it comes out weird, with a getter for each property, why is that?
Peter Müller
Jul 24 2015 11:48
@guybedford I finally got a hole through on the systemjs translation middleware. First file compiled. Now it's all about figuring out path translations and whatever issues come up :)
Nikhil Tilwalli
Jul 24 2015 12:14
Can anyone point me to a systemjs declaration file (d.ts) for typescript?
Guy Bedford
Jul 24 2015 15:07
@Mosho1 legacy modules have their exports read off the object they export for compatibility with ES6. Allows things like import {readFile} from 'fs' in CommonJS
(when loading CommonJS)
@ntilwalli seesystemjs/systemjs#321
@Munter awesome! that is really great news, please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help
Anton Moiseev
Jul 24 2015 19:36
Hello guys. Is it possible to force SystemJS to run loaded file through a transpiler? I have a small file that uses arrow functions, const and let, but SystemJS doesn't transpile it and execution fails in the browser.
Jul 24 2015 22:05
@antonmoiseev run SystemJS via jspm and the setup will make configuring the required transpiler scripts (traceur or babel) easy, see and things will load automatically
Rob Wormald
Jul 24 2015 22:27
@antonmoiseev the easiest thing to do is just put an export statement in
export var foo = 'bar'
that'll force it
Peter Müller
Jul 24 2015 22:35
@guybedford I'll build out test cases sunday or monday. Then we can have a look at some path wierdness I experienced, which might leak a bit. Not sure yet