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Jul 2015
Nikhil Tilwalli
Jul 28 2015 01:37

I'm trying to run some tests using Karma, and I think something about systemjs/jspm is getting in the way.

  Uncaught TypeError: baseURL should only be configured once and must be configured first.

Any ideas?

Guy Bedford
Jul 28 2015 07:47
@mikehaas763 the global-helpers.js file is needed whenever loading a global module. It is in both SystemJS and the sfx builds though by default so shouldn't be a problem. Errors with this module are likely due to not having matching SystemJS / SystemJS builder versions.
Dave Ackerman
Jul 28 2015 15:29
how do you specify overrides for a specific package again?
is there documentation about what’s available, and I just do it in package.json/
Mike Haas
Jul 28 2015 15:59
Is there a discussion anywhere or more information as to why file extension is included in imports now? Just curious
Wondering what the problem was and requiring extensions in the import fixes that problem. (I do know there is a config to turn it back to the old default)
Mike Haas
Jul 28 2015 16:20
*and how requiring
Peter Müller
Jul 28 2015 16:39
I think system is just mirroring what the future module loader spec will be
Mike Haas
Jul 28 2015 17:55
@Munter I know that at least for the 1.0 branch. It still switched though so I would like to know of any discussions that happened around that whether involving the whatwg spec writers or if it was isolated to systemjs/es6-module-loader
It switched and was obviously a conscious and explicit change so I'm guessing there is some reasoning
Mike Haas
Jul 28 2015 18:05
I suspect being that the normalization phase is up to the loader to specify it may fall under that