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Jul 2015
Jul 29 2015 05:06
@ntilwalli I experienced the same problem. In my case an update of karma-jspm to 2.0.1. helped.
Juriy Bura
Jul 29 2015 14:54
Hello guys. When using system.js, should you include the "js" extension when you load modules:
import { Calculator } from 'Calculator';
import { Calculator } from 'Calculator.js';
Looks like if I don't put the extension it doesn't find the file.
And I think it used to work without extension few months before, but I'm not quite sure.
Oh, I just read that there's the same question above.
Jul 29 2015 20:46
anybody got SystemJS working with a cdn hosted version of babel?
Jul 29 2015 21:04
@Juriy in your config you can set the default extension to be .js and then you can do import 'x'. I needed this for typescript support.
Tony Tang
Jul 29 2015 22:14
@PeterKnight Do you mean something like this?
    "transpiler": "babel",
    "map": {
        "babel": "/address/to/cdn"
Rob Wormald
Jul 29 2015 22:24
@PeterKnight when using systemJS loaded from it works fine for me (on plunker for example)
one thing that did break was adding the runtime option
Jul 29 2015 22:28
commenting out the runtime option gets me much further now, hmm interesting
it doesn't seem to like the css plugin
Jul 29 2015 22:36
thank you @nflavour and @robwormald, one step closer now to getting it to work. Now I need to figure out why exports is not defined when it loads css.js
Jul 29 2015 22:55
So strange, if I pull browser.js (babel) from cdnjs it loads my esm modules fine, but chokes on the css plugin. If I load browser.js locally, it doesn't load the esm modules my main script imports