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Jul 2015
Juriy Bura
Jul 30 2015 08:10
@johnman Thanks, I actually decided to follow the new standard - less pain later to adopt.
Jul 30 2015 12:09
So I just learned that if you have a package with format set to esm and a module inside that package calls System.import('cssfile!css') it fails, probably because its not an esm module by definition. If I don't set the format setting it all just works. Ha!
Peter Müller
Jul 30 2015 12:19
esm is viral it seems :)
Jul 30 2015 13:01
Matt Ginzton
Jul 30 2015 23:13
I have an app that mixes ESM and CJS code. It's been working fine in non-production mode and now I'm trying to use the builder. I'm running into TypeError: assert is not a function, and I think I see the problem: looking at the bundled-but-not-minified output of the builder, CJS modules that did var assert=require('assert') get transpiled to a line that looks like var assert = require("github:jspm/nodelibs-assert@0.1.0.js"); but ESM modules that did import assert from 'assert' get transpiled to a line that looks like assert = $__m.default; (inside the setters section of the module prologue). That is, the way I'm invoking the builder, it seems to have problems importing CJS code from ESM code. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?