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Aug 2015
Matt Ginzton
Aug 04 2015 16:36
If I get warnings like warn Timed out on lookup for github:systemjs/systemjs, retrying (from jspm dl-loader, in this case), is that indicative of local network problems, github network problems, bad setup on my end, or what?
jspm dl-loader is giving me: Looking up loader files..., (long pause), the "timed out on lookup, retrying" message, then actually downloads systemjs, says traceur is up to date, then Loader files downloaded successfully, then (even longer pause - perhaps stuck forever)
Matt Ginzton
Aug 04 2015 16:44
(BTW I'm using token instead of password for github auth, configured in ~/.jspm/config; I had rate limiting problems until I gave jspm credentials for github)
Reading the source, it doesn't look like jspm dl-loader has any additional work to do after it prints "Loader files downloaded successfully". So it's done, but nodejs is just not exiting because it's still got callbacks registered in the event loop, possibly due to whatever network request initially failed and caused the earlier retry?
Here's the complete output:
> jspm dl-loader
     Looking up loader files...

warn Timed out on lookup for github:systemjs/systemjs, retrying (1).

     Using loader versions:
     Looking up github:jmcriffey/bower-traceur-runtime
     Looking up github:jmcriffey/bower-traceur
     Updating registry cache...
ok   Up to date - traceur as github:jmcriffey/bower-traceur@0.0.90 (0.0.90)
ok   Up to date - traceur-runtime as github:jmcriffey/bower-traceur-runtime@0.0.90 (0.0.90)
ok   Loader files downloaded successfully

^Cfish: Job 6, “jspm dl-loader” terminated by signal SIGINT (Quit request from job control (^C))
Dave Kushner
Aug 04 2015 20:13
I'm getting a really weird issue where intermittently JSPM will bundle one of my JSX files with a 'null' dependency which causes that module to fail to load. The actual error from the client is: Uncaught Module null not present. Stepping through and inspecting the process I can see that there's a null in the deps list for that module.
Jiawei Li
Aug 04 2015 22:35
I have a browserify bundle that outputs into commonjs, which I'm trying to load into systemjs to avoid circular dependency failures. But due to, it might not work? Do I need to transpile everything separately using jspm? I don't think it's feasible to move over to jspm right now, since typescript support is still a bit rough around the edges.
Has anyone tried to do something similar, i.e. browserify bundle loaded into systemjs?
Rob Wormald
Aug 04 2015 23:13
i think that's gonna get hairy, to be honest
i'd just transpile my TS to ES6 and then have babel do everything else with systemjs