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Aug 2015
Tom Chen
Aug 08 2015 03:02
Hi guys, I was thinking if tomchentw/react-google-maps#92 is possible. In short, I'd like to find/create a tiny polyfill for System.import for the usage of some libraries.
Dan Connolly
Aug 08 2015 05:48
I can't figure out why babel isn't working in my jspm project.
Domenico Matteo
Aug 08 2015 05:57
It's a bit vague, but if you're using jsx and systemjs < 17 you have to specify blacklist = [] in babel options
More info for better help :)
Aug 08 2015 19:21
Am I right in understanding that you can't use a wildcard in the map config for packages? like '*' => 'something/*'
Micah Zoltu
Aug 08 2015 19:29
map doesn't support wild cards.
It is 1:1.
Aug 08 2015 19:41
Thank you @Zoltu :)