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Aug 2015
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 09 2015 15:55
How might I override certain packages' dependencies? For example, some-react-lib: {"react": "npm:react@0.13.3"}
I import react elsewhere (cdn) and this package makes me import the entire modular code of react
Micah Zoltu
Aug 09 2015 16:57
@Mosho1 System.config({"paths":{"react":"https://cdn/path/to/react"}})
@Mosho1 Make sure you remove the "map":{"react":"..."} entry.
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 09 2015 17:32
Yeah, that's the part I got
But every time I jspm install on another machine or update it on mine, it puts the dependencies again
Micah Zoltu
Aug 09 2015 17:38
Does putting it in the map section resolve the issue?
(this breaks bundling at the moment)
    "map": {
        "react": ""
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 09 2015 18:09
Yeah, that's what I started with
I thought I would override it elsewhere in the config file
If there's not an idiomatic way
next to where I define that paths and babel options etc.
and put that after the main map section that JSPM edits