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Aug 2015
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 10 2015 11:38
How do I import a module without running it immediately?
hmm, nvm I think
I'll just wrap it in a function lol
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 10 2015 19:44
I noticed that trace: true prevents being able to use bundles
Is there a way around this?
Mike Haas
Aug 10 2015 19:53
System.import('loader.js').then(function() {
    return System.import('Program.js');
}).then(function(module) {;
... just because. Wanted to see if I could avoid a script element referencing loader.js
Aug 10 2015 22:58
I'm puzzled by this error I get 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word' even though my esm style scripts load and execute fine and even when setting format to esm
Aug 10 2015 23:28
never mind that:)