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Aug 2015
Shannon Moeller
Aug 11 2015 14:27
Is there a way to use System.import inside of an ES6 module to load a dynamic dependency?
Shannon Moeller
Aug 11 2015 14:32
Specifically, I want to load a self-executing bundle from another self-executing bundle.
Aug 11 2015 15:09
@shannonmoeller I don't think you can call a sfx bundle from a sfx bundle using System.import. To use System.import requires system.js to be loaded in full (until browsers start supporting it)
Shannon Moeller
Aug 11 2015 15:24
@PeterKnight Makes sense. Thanks!
Mike Joyce
Aug 11 2015 15:25
I'm trying to run the build task of this ng6 + JSPM starter project -
I'm getting an error that common/common not found or something to that effect as the module loader is looking for common/common in the project root
It looks like the first value passed to bundleSFX in this project is a method that resolves to a value generated from path.join. In this projects case, the value is client/app/app
    return jspm.bundleSFX(resolveToApp('app'), dist, {})
when I replace this call to bundleSFX with a string client/app/app everything works fine. Could this point to bundleSFX not handling paths correctly?
Jake Russo
Aug 11 2015 17:58
I'm trying to write a plugin for Earl Grey and I keep getting 404s that eg.js cannot be found (this is the plugin file). My example folder is where I'm testing this. Can anyone take a look at my config, package, or index and see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
Jake Russo
Aug 11 2015 21:06
Ok I'v resolved that problem (I think) by adding eg= to the front of the install. But now my System.catch func is claiming that eg is undefined. Here's my browser's log:
systemjs translating http://localhost:8080/src/
(index):15 ERROR:  Error loading "src/!npm:plugin-earlgrey@0.1.5" at http://localhost:8080/src/
Cannot read property '.eg' of undefined
Jake Russo
Aug 11 2015 21:11
Even when I try jspm bundle I get the same error.