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Aug 2015
Aug 13 2015 00:52
trying to change the size of the picture but I cannot change it: does anyone know why?

.smaller-image {width: 100px;

.red-text {
color: red;

h2 {
font-family: Lobster, Monospace;

p {
font-size: 16px;
font-family: Monospace;
Peter Müller
Aug 13 2015 11:24
@guybedford I'm running into problems with baseURL configuration in systemjs and the builder. Our application serves pages on all sorts of routes, forcing us to have baseURL: '/app/assets/...' (leading slash). When loading config.js in the builder this leading slash makes the builder look at the root of the file system instead of the root of the web server. It seems like we need to be able to configure the builder with a build base URL which will be used to resolve absolute urls from the runtime config
Guy Bedford
Aug 13 2015 11:48
@Munter is this using jspm?
Peter Müller
Aug 13 2015 11:50
which will handle this for you
otherwise you need to first alter the config before passing to builder
as the baseURL needs to be builder's baseURL
another way to go about it is to set the baseURL config in a separate script, separate to config.js
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Aug 13 2015 12:05
How do I best manage my es6-module-loader and systemjs versions?
jspm puts them in jspm_packages, but I want to use different versions than what it gives me, and I want other people to run jspm i on their machines and for the right versions to be installed
I figured I could just jspm i systemjs and use the path to the package, but maybe there's a better way
Peter Müller
Aug 13 2015 12:07
@guybedford Ah, I misunderstood, a bit to much multitasking. We're not using the command line, but writing out own node script, since we need quite a of arithmetic. We'll look into how we can alter the config appropriately during build. But I think more people using root relative baseURL will run into this
Guy Bedford
Aug 13 2015 12:30
@Munter using the jspm builder will work around this - require('jspm').Builder over require('systemjs-builder')
that allows a full custom build
its the encouraged pattern in jspm
will auto-load package.json etc etc
Peter Müller
Aug 13 2015 12:32
@guybedford I had no idea. Haven't found any mention of this anywhere. Ping @albertfdp
Maybe I need to switch to that in as well
Albert Fernández
Aug 13 2015 12:33
@guybedford that worked! I might do a PR later to the systemjs/builder since we were not aware of it, but thanks!