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Aug 2015
Jayson Harshbarger
Aug 26 2015 01:43
@Munter @dmackerman Maybe several hours too late but here is my gulp build step: , the key is to set the baseURL in the jspm.Builder constructor call.
Aug 26 2015 02:39
Hi, how do I load an app from a different domain? Do I need to hardcode all map paths to the absolute url?
Simon Hampton
Aug 26 2015 09:55
Hi, I am developing an app that runs as part of a Wordpress page. It loads fine in Chrome, is a bit flakey on Safari/OSX and almost never loads on Safara/iOS. Would welcome some suggestions on how to debug
Hans van den Akker
Aug 26 2015 10:23
safari remote debug?
Dave Ackerman
Aug 26 2015 13:37
how does the inclusion of CSS work in packages?
Aug 26 2015 14:23
just a questions regarding the dependencies of system.js...does es6-module-loader and when get bundled up into system.js somehow? trying to vet dependencies but I notice they don't actually need to be present with system.js even they are downloaded as node dependencies
Simon Hampton
Aug 26 2015 18:30
I have tried to insert some log statements, and the problem seems to be when an iOS app tries to execute the main build script. This is the code I use to create my build package
gulp.task('systemjsbundle', function (cb) {
    return builder.loadConfig('./assets/app/config.js')
    .then(function() {
        return'./assets/app/app/app.js', 'dist/scripts/build.js');
    .catch( console.error );
Alexey Podskrebyshev
Aug 26 2015 20:09
@NicholasGW Source codes of es6-module-loader are part of System.js (see here). Base Loader class is from there, with tranpilation and es6 specific stuff.