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Sep 2015
Sean Anderson
Sep 02 2015 01:46
@robwormald Not for a Chrome Extension, no. Chrome extensions are allowed to whitelist evals but Chrome apps are not.
Micah Zoltu
Sep 02 2015 02:45
@Psvensso There is a chrome extension that will tell you whether you are using HTTP/2 or SPDY.
I have found that Edge gets a much bigger boost from HTTP/2 than Chrome at the moment.
Chrome for me on that site: 4s vs 2.94s
Edge for me on that site: 2.84s vs 0.44s
Results vary, but Edge is always faster.
Peter Müller
Sep 02 2015 13:53
Is there a way I can get SystemJS Builder to pick up these requirejs calls to include the dependencies in my builder bundle?
Per Svensson
Sep 02 2015 15:44
@kudos Well im not comparing bundeling vs not bundeling. Im comparing http2 serverpush vs http1.1 "fetch em all".... just to investigate the benefits of "non bundeling" can help dev and possibly prod flows. @Zoltu Yeah i got the plugin and the plugin lights up nicely. Think im moving over to Wireshark to inspect the frames more in detail...
Mike Joyce
Sep 02 2015 17:00
Has anyone had issues with file path case sensitive issues with systemjs?
I.e. an import statement is ./Settings/settings whereas the filename is ./settings/settings
on windows, the import works fine but in our teamcity builds (which runs on linux) we get an ENOENT exception
as far as I'm aware, this is not happening on osx either
Andrew Stoker
Sep 02 2015 17:33
Is there a way to setup a context for bringing in modules like you can do in RequireJS?
Guy Bedford
Sep 02 2015 20:07
@Munter not currently, although its the same feature as picking up a System.import and treating that as a dependency, which is being tracked at systemjs/builder#75 as the concept of a "dynamic tracing layer". Shouldn't be too tricky to implement actually.
@MikeJoyce19 casing will be restricted to the casing of the server itself from the URL. SystemJS will always handle casing strictly otherwise.
@AStoker SystemJS forms its own registry - you can clone it and create new loaders though, see
Peter Müller
Sep 02 2015 20:34
@guybedford I think we found a possible solution in separating out each incremental level in own files, then system.import in series. The build config then manually lists the 3 files that were 1 before. We're ok with that hack, since this whole construct has to die anyway. Depends on global leaks and other nastiness
λex Vincent
Sep 02 2015 22:24
I have a lib im developing that a) needs to be distributed as a bundled lib. and then b) as an npm package. Now I dont want to bundle the npm package (with dependencies as well). And I dont really want to submit a jspm folder (with deps either). So essentially, is there a way to have System follow npm style requires instead of jspm?
And I cant use something like systems-npm, as the bundler doesnt follow the plugin logic