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Sep 2015
Sean Anderson
Sep 05 2015 07:23
Woo, I found a bug
Maybe it's with babel and not jspm though, I dunno
but if I try and import a file which is empty aside from some commented out lines -- my entire browser locks up!
the file shows importing succeeded, but all XHRs after the file stay at pending
Jayson Harshbarger
Sep 05 2015 13:09
Hello folks. I am writing a module in ES6 that I wish to make available to npm/bower users as UMD and to SystemJS users as raw ES6. Using babel to create the UMD means I can simply do export default MyModule; However, to use the ES6 module directly in SystemJS I need to add export var __useDefault = true; which breaks babel transpiling to UMD. I've read through #304 so I understand the reasoning why __useDefault is needed. What are my options? Should I require that SystemJS users use the UMD module instead of the ES6?
If my question is not clean the code I am working on is here:
Jayson Harshbarger
Sep 05 2015 13:22
I guess I could make a jspm specific main file like: module.exports = require('path/to/es6file.js').default