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Sep 2015
Per Hornshøj-Schierbeck
Sep 07 2015 06:12 UTC
thanks @guybedford
Veaceslav Cotruta
Sep 07 2015 09:31 UTC
Is there a way to bundle the dependencies (jspm + SystemJS) for production so these can be portable (baseURL can change)?
Sean Anderson
Sep 07 2015 09:32 UTC
I just override loader's baseURL when need be for that but
I just started using SystemJS this week so I dunno if there's a better way
λex Vincent
Sep 07 2015 13:36 UTC
I’ve build an npm module loader for use with the system builder. My last hurdle, (i think) is resolving core node libs. Where should I resolve to, for use in the browser. Also, it seems as if the builder is also using the loader for its own loading, if this is the case im not sure how to distinguise between the builder internal loader and the target loads. for things like ‘fs'