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Sep 2015
Simon Fox
Sep 09 2015 03:38 UTC
bit of a noob question here, I am using SystemJS with JSPM and have installed What do I need to do to stop the css from being loaded?
Mike Joyce
Sep 09 2015 13:05 UTC
Is there a way to load a file using a regular file path?
I'm trying now and I'm getting a cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data ...
I'm assuming not because these are xhr requests
λex Vincent
Sep 09 2015 13:07 UTC
I have a feeling this is locked down in a browser to browser basic. I think you can enable this in chrome.
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Sep 09 2015 14:16 UTC
I'm having a serious problem with modules loaded before their dependencies (again)
I have depcache, I set deps in meta, but it doesn't seem to be working
Sean Anderson
Sep 09 2015 19:25 UTC
@MikeJoyce19 if it's for testing you can spinup a mini local server
Runs mocha tests under a local server to bypass file:// stuff
Sep 09 2015 20:54 UTC
I have a js error logger and only get error Can't find variable: System from "Mobile Safari 8.0" visitors. I include my scripts before the closing body tag. Any ideas why "Mobile Safari 8.0" visitors are the only one throwing the error?
<script src="/build/systemjs-431f6fd8.js"></script>
<script src="/build/config-33fdb8af.js"></script> <--- ERROR USUAL STARTS HERE, ITS THE JSPM CONFIG FILE
<script src="/build/store-shared-bundle-1aa10537.js"></script>
<script src="/build/store-app-bundle-ecaa86c5.js"></script>
Sep 09 2015 20:59 UTC
The files are bundled using gulp + systemjs-builder 0.13.5