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Sep 2015
Cole Diffin
Sep 17 2015 07:37
What's the recommends practise: to use, or not to use, file extensions when importing local files in es6 (or anywhere I guess)
ǝlzlǝoq lǝᴉuɐp
Sep 17 2015 07:38
@guybedford I don't get an error for the latter import (which has the indirect dep on a failing module).
@guybedford I read that System.import checks against __useDefault (returning the default export) while System.get does not (always returns the full module). Is that correct?
ǝlzlǝoq lǝᴉuɐp
Sep 17 2015 07:44
@guybedford Another question: To make use of the NODE_PATH I need to hook on normalize (System._nodeRequire.resolve). Is there a better way, this seems kind of complicated in node environments.
Razvan Popescu
Sep 17 2015 16:20
Hello guys, I'm receiving the following error on Firefox : Cannot GET /dist/webcomponentsjs/HTMLImports.min.js . do you have any ideea why It searches for HtmlImports.min.js into the dist folder ?
Dave Ackerman
Sep 17 2015 18:33
anyone have any good implementations on how to do a “loader” while system is bootstrapping?
ie. all the XHR requests are happening?
or even when it loads the bundle.
Dave Ackerman
Sep 17 2015 19:38
it’s quite weird, with all the XHRs happening any CSS animation lags.