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Sep 2015
Adrian Mitev
Sep 23 2015 11:51
Hi all! Idea why this "": "build/" path config doesn't work anymore? I.e. it breaks "github:": "jspm_packages/github/" and "npm:": "jspm_packages/npm/"
Guy Bedford
Sep 23 2015 12:13
@amitev I believe this is the same issue as
Adrian Mitev
Sep 23 2015 12:21
@guybedford probably. this was working before updating from jspm 0.15.x to 0.16.9
Adrian Mitev
Sep 23 2015 12:27
@guybedford is there a workaround or I should just wait for the fix?
Vincent Schramer
Sep 23 2015 17:13

Hey, I come seeking wisdom on module dependency mocking/stubbing with SystemJS. My preferred method of doing this is similar to how rewire or proxyquire handles it. It is the one uncertainty that inhibits me switching from webpack. I notice that there is some chatter about this already.

@kkruit Way back in May you had a (seemingly) unanswered question on options for stub/mocking dependencies with the SystemJS. Did you find a solution?

@guybedford, @johnman earlier this month you two briefly discussed techniques for swapping out dependencies. johnman: have you developed any workable patterns for doing this? guybedford: is documenting this still on your radar?

@loganfsmyth a few days ago you were talking about wrapping modules which seems to be potentially related; overriding exports during testing. Since it was mentioned that your goals may be better as a babel plugin: it let me to discover babel-plugin-rewire