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Sep 2015
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 28 2015 09:08
Hello, with SystemJS is it possible to create a build for each of my components?
Jiri Spac
Sep 28 2015 10:02
@chchrist why the hell would you do that? And yes, it is certainly possible
@chchrist if you're using jspm, just do jspm bundle components/my-awesome-component.js build/components/my-awesome-component.min.js
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 28 2015 10:39
@capaj well, I want to load only the components that are needed in a large scale app. I don't want to load ~3MB of code when only 200KB are needed at first
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 28 2015 11:23
@capaj for example I want a bundle that only includes my libs