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Oct 2015
Jiri Spac
Oct 11 2015 12:48
@guybedford what is the difference between System._loader.moduleRecords and System._loader.modules? System._loader.modules are not transpiled right? I would have expected all modules in the same hashobject with the same API.
It is probably not possible with the current API to get importers of an ES5 module right? This is only possible for ES6 modules.
Guy Bedford
Oct 11 2015 15:21
@capaj System._loader.moduleRecords is purely a private SystemJS thing
not related to the module loader (shouldn't really be there)
Jiri Spac
Oct 11 2015 16:58
@guybedford I thought as much, my question was-why doesn't it have moduleRecords for ES5 commonJS modules?