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Oct 2015
Kenneth Kouot
Oct 15 2015 03:23
When importing a file from Github, is there any way to specify what JS file SystemJS tries to source?
I'm using{ "somelib": "github:foo/bar"}) which automatically sources that repos index.js file
that repo's index.js file, however, has a require statement that looks like require('./dist/foo.js')
IE, it has the .js included in the require filename argument
which blows up system, unlike all the other repos
With another Git repo which didn't have an index.js, it sourced a gulpfile, and I was able to get it pointing the right direction by doing{ "somelib": "github:foo/bar@1.0.0/path/to/right/file"})
but when I try that with this other repo, it just 404s on jspm install, breaking build
Oct 15 2015 16:28
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