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Oct 2015
Sebastien Dubois
Oct 18 2015 07:31
Hey guys. Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I can't seem to get SystemJS to load reflect-metadata (and other dependencies). The dependency is added with jspm install, the files are there and the config looks okay, but SystemJS tries to load reflect-metadata.js from the root:
Peter Müller
Oct 18 2015 13:47
@dsebastien reflct-metadata is not a jspm dependency. Looks like it's installed via npm
Also looks like your server setup has app as the web root, but jspm is running on defaults, so your sources from jspm_packages will be outside the webroot
Sebastien Dubois
Oct 18 2015 22:04
@Munter aaaah, good catch, thanks! The server setup was okay (overlay of app + a temp folder and the parent (so that jspm & npm content are accessible during dev). I was indeed missing the reflect-metadata dependency in JSPM's config (I thought that I wouldn't need it as it is a transitive dependency of angular2: