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Oct 2015
Patrick Lienau
Oct 28 2015 06:05
hey all
if I were to export default var myvar = Math.random() would the imported value always be the same, or different on each import
Patrick Lienau
Oct 28 2015 07:38
nope, it's all the same value :) good. was worried the execute() function was going to get called each time I imported...
Antonio Librada
Oct 28 2015 17:42

Hello, I am trying to load the google analytics library with systemjs. As I have seen in the documentation it is possbile to load google analytics as a global module from google CDN. I have tried adding the following to my config.js:

meta: {
    "": {
      "scriptLoad": true,
      "exports": "ga",
      "format": "global"

I still don't know how to load it with System.import. I have tried many ways to do it. Does anybody have any experience with that? I really would like to use this feature. Any help is appreciated :)