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Nov 2015
Nov 02 2015 05:34
how can i load node modules such 'fs' from me es6 code under systemjs?
I keep getting 404 Not Found on this crap.
Never had it before...
Guy Bedford
Nov 02 2015 12:18
@PinkaminaDianePie System.import('@node/fs')
@xban1x it's trying to transpile one of your modules, which is being detected as an es6 module
either alter it so that module is not detected as an es6 module, or alter System.transpiler to use another transpiler
Urban Lavbič
Nov 02 2015 12:53
I had wrong imports :D
Nov 02 2015 16:20
@guybedford you are really saved my day =)
Nov 02 2015 20:04
Does anyone here know how to control the name parameter of System.registerDynamic for the output of the SystemJS Builder bundle() call?
I'm bundling my es5 code and it outputs fine, but in the minified source it has put part of the build path in the module name which I do not want (e.g. app/component/foo.js would be System.registerDynamic("build/app/component/foo.js", ...)
I'm just bashing my head against this.
Guy Bedford
Nov 02 2015 20:06
@mikeloll paths configuration is the mechanism of controlling names in bundles
paths are kept as-is when bundling
so if your code corresponds to a paths configuration say paths: { '*': 'dist/*' } it will write out as you want
Nov 02 2015 20:07
Thank you, going to try that out.
Thank you, @guybedford . Works like a charm!