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Nov 2015
Nov 06 2015 06:44
does anybody know how to load node_modules properly?
im trying to load something in my module this way import * from @node/fs and it works, but when i including my module in new project with import my_module from '@node/module-name' it loads, but all imports in module fails with error [Error: Cannot find module '@node/fs']
Nov 06 2015 07:34
should i delete '@node/' from my sources during build? its seems weird, but its only solution i can see T_T
Nov 06 2015 15:01
...and my module in node_modules does not transpile even if i pass 'ignore': false in babel options
its so hard to use systemjs, im spended couple of days just to make it work T_T
Nov 06 2015 15:21
so main question is: how can i load es6 node_modules, which had not transpilled? import module from '@node/module-name' does not transpile module at all
should i do import module from './node-modules/module-name/index' and copy-paste all dependencies from imported module to main app?
Nov 06 2015 22:52
Hi all, so I'm stumped again. I'm bundling my js and everything works fine except when there is a spec file in the same build directory. I do this because it is easier to build my tests etc ... my call to bundle as: bundle("build//* - [build//*.spec.js], ..)
I thought that would exclude all specs from the bundle
sorry, that double // should be a single, but you get the idea
everything works fine if i dont build my specs