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Nov 2015
Nov 09 2015 15:24

trying to use highcharts in my app but for some reasone the module loader is looking for it in the wrong place - here is the path that shows up in the chrome dev tools


instead of


Tolis Christomanos
Nov 09 2015 17:11
Hello, after I bundle my app, when I load it on Firefox I get
Error loading this URL: /jspm_packages/npm/q@1.4.1/q.js
but I can see q.js in the bundle.js
Andrew Stoker
Nov 09 2015 18:27
I have a rather large RequireJS AMD project, but I am looking to slowly move it over to using SystemJS (I have a separate project that is using that, and I want some of it's components). How can I get RequireJS to work alongside SystemJS?
Peter Müller
Nov 09 2015 19:07
I recommand doing a full switch, otherwise you will be dragging out a lot of pain bu having to run both setups
There is a trick where you can actually get SystemJS to read your requirejs config. I never tried it because we went for a full switch at my company instead
HAd I known about it back then I would have gone for it rather than the big compatibility work we had to go though
Tolis Christomanos
Nov 09 2015 21:45
Hello, Firefox complains about System.register being undefined
only when I have the dev tools open...