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Nov 2015
Micaël Félix
Nov 11 2015 13:05

I am trying to set up a new project with Angular2.0, and I have a problem where even after settings

        map: {
            'es6-promise': 'javascripts/lib/es6-promise.js',
            'angular2/angular2': 'javascripts/lib/'

AngularJs fails after

var es6Promise = require('es6-promise').Promise;

Because Promise is undefined.
Am I missing something?

Timothy Slatcher
Nov 11 2015 22:03
Hi, I'm trying to create a bundle with the builder inside of a gulp task. I'm compiling my Typescript down to modules, built into 'build/src/', so my root file is 'build/src/App.js' and requires in files such as 'component.js' (which lives in 'build/src' too), however the generated registerDynamic calls have 'build/src' in them, which I don't want.
Is there a way to run the builder rooted at a certain path?
Timothy Slatcher
Nov 11 2015 22:30
Also, is there any way to get warnings on reference cycles
Peter Müller
Nov 11 2015 22:31
baseURL is probably what you are looking for