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Nov 2015
Nov 13 2015 02:38
@Munter very cool idea about Assetgraph - looking forward to it :smile:
Johan Alkstål
Nov 13 2015 09:11

Hello! I'm trying to setup a simple use of systemjs-builder and babel. The build works but the transpilation isn't happening. The ES2015 code gets output as is.

Here's a gist of the code I got,

Any help is much appreciated!

Johan Alkstål
Nov 13 2015 13:02
How does systemjs know where the transpiler is?
setting transpiler to 'babel', it tries to find a 'babel.js' file in the baseUrl path.
Spent all day trying to get a simple setup working. :(
Nov 13 2015 13:35

Hello, I'm using jspm to handle an aurelia app inside an iframe. I'm getting this error
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Failed to read the 'frame' property from 'Window': Blocked a frame with origin on chrome. I've found that it's a problem with core-js@1.x.x and this config should solve it

  "meta": {
    "core-js/modules/$.global": {
      "esmExports": false

But it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?
I'm on systemjs@0.18.17 & core-js@1.2.6

Nov 13 2015 14:47
@guybedford can you help me, I update to systemjs@0.19.5. and still getting this error:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Failed to read the 'frame' property from 'Window': Blocked a frame with origin "chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
    Evaluating chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/modules/$.export.js
    Evaluating chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/modules/es5.js
    Evaluating chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/shim.js
    Evaluating chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/index.js
    Evaluating chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6.js
    Error loading chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/github/aurelia/bootstrapper@0.19.0.js
    at Error (native)
    at Function.getOwnPropertyDescriptor (native)
    at m (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:1357)
    at u (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:21544)
    at i (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:20903)
    at chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:21365
    at Object.eval (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/modules/$.export.js:3:14)
    at eval (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/npm/core-js@1.2.6/modules/$.export.js:45:4)
    at l.D (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:14006)
    at s.metadata.execute (chrome-extension://jdofkocogglkkkenimhnkfbmfnjpjeij/jspm_packages/system.js:4:30428)
Davis Kim
Nov 13 2015 20:34
@diegograsso yeah it's a known issue right now
it may be related to systemjs/systemjs#911
Johan Alkstål
Nov 13 2015 22:32
Does anyone have a really simple implementation of using systemjs-builder without jspm that I could look at? I've had some serious trouble getting it to work at all.
Nov 13 2015 23:29
@davis Thank you! I'll be waiting for the new version with the patch.