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Nov 2015
Klaus Bayrhammer
Nov 18 2015 07:50
@blink1073 I'm curious how you solved it
<script src="node_modules/es6-module-loader/dist/es6-module-loader.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/systemjs/dist/system.js"></script>
  map: {
    css: 'node_modules/system-css/css.js',
  meta: {
    '*.css': {
      loader: 'css'
S. Chris Colbert
Nov 18 2015 17:35
When shimming other module formats (like CommonJS), none them have explicit .js extensions. What's the way forward with this, then?
If that flag is set, it seems to add .js to everything, which messes with config maps.
S. Chris Colbert
Nov 18 2015 20:25
looks like this takes care of it: systemjs/systemjs#759
Diego Bustamante
Nov 18 2015 22:18
Does anyone know if NativeScript can make use of SystemJS