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Nov 2015
Tolis Christomanos
Nov 20 2015 09:58
Hello all, when I try to import an UMD file on a iOS tablet I get
This message was deleted
Potentially unhandled rejection [3] SyntaxError: Expected token '('
    Evaluating Loader.js
    Error loading Loader.js (WARNING: non-Error used)
(anonymous function)system-polyfills.js:3:8841
the Loader.js starts with ( though
Tolis Christomanos
Nov 20 2015 10:10
Should I use SystemJS meta? What is the format for a umd file?
Tolis Christomanos
Nov 20 2015 11:27
I’ve opened this issue systemjs/systemjs#924
Tolis Christomanos
Nov 20 2015 13:51
ignore me it was an issue on my side
Jithin Emmanuel
Nov 20 2015 15:38
Is system.js updated to work with babel 6 ? Or should I stick with babel 5.x ?
Jiri Spac
Nov 20 2015 16:18
what is the difference between System.register() and System.registerDynamic() ? Anyone has a clue?