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Nov 2015
Valiantsin Luchko
Nov 30 2015 15:48
hey, guys, is there some way to have two different system.js apps on the one page, it looks to me like having two isolated namespaces, but System is global, do you have any suggestions, i just need to build some pure js widget to be included in different pages with no conflicts with existing scripts, is system.js suitable for it?
Peter Müller
Nov 30 2015 15:50
Having several apps on the same page is no problem at all. You'll get all the benefits from shared code only being loaded once, since the loader is a singleton with a cache
Valiantsin Luchko
Nov 30 2015 15:59
@Munter I do not really need to have shared code, one app is native, and another (the widget) is loaded from other domain.
@Munter it’s smth like ‘iframe’ app