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Dec 2015
Peter Uithoven
Dec 04 2015 09:52
Does anyone have experience with writing Universal / Isomorphic web apps using systemjs / JSPM? Is there experienced written down somewhere?
Peter Müller
Dec 04 2015 11:36
There's not really much difference between that and using any other module loader
Peter Uithoven
Dec 04 2015 12:49
@Munter But in Node.js you would probably use the native require / import? Which doesn't work from jspm_packages?
Peter Müller
Dec 04 2015 12:55
@peteruithoven You would use SystemJS as a module loader inside node
Peter Uithoven
Dec 04 2015 12:59
@Munter But that feels like quite a change. Something worth writing an article about. I can't imagine there not being small quirks.
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 04 2015 13:34
Is there a way to make requirejs plugins with systemjs?
Peter Uithoven
Dec 04 2015 14:06
Can someone help with a Maximum call stack size exceeded error, probably caused by the es6-symbol polyfill?
Dominic Böttger
Dec 04 2015 16:51
Did somebody try to use systemjs with babel6?
Tyson Cleary
Dec 04 2015 23:10
@peteruithoven: I've written universal JS apps in SystemJS before. I try to minimize use of System.import and just use plain ES6 import
In the cases I need to use System.import I check if it's the server or not and do a require if it is