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Dec 2015
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 06 2015 07:50
@peteruithoven defaultJSExtensions: false breaks systemjs, is there a way to disable it to jsx files?
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 06 2015 08:04
How do i tell jspm to update the systemjs in my project?
i don't see systemjs/jspm as dependency in my package.json
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 06 2015 08:56
jspm dl-loader got it :)
Peter Uithoven
Dec 06 2015 11:26
@Bnaya how does it break systemjs?
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 06 2015 22:23

@peteruithoven The problem was, in config.js you have things like "babel": "npm:babel-core@5.8.34",
And systemjs expected to have the .js appended to "npm:babel-core@5.8.34"
and when i set defaultJSExtensions: false, it failed to load babel.
My solution is:

  packages: {
    "js": {
      "defaultExtension": false,
      "defaultJSExtensions": false

When all my code is in the js folder inside the base folder