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Dec 2015
Sean Anderson
Dec 08 2015 04:22
Anyone around and feel like answering some questions? :D :fire:
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 08 2015 09:58
@MeoMix what kind of?
Henrich Krämer
Dec 08 2015 18:33

I am using jspm like this

jspm bundle src/mymodule - angular - sjcl  bundle-angular-minus.js

When I introduce an error by renaming an exported name, jspm bundle command does not report an error. Here is a sketch of the error introduced:


import * as validator from './validator'

function foo(options) {

Renaming export function configure(options) {..} in src/validator.js to export function configureXXX(options) {..} does not cause an error.

Is this expected? I am on jspm version 0.16.15.

Henrich Krämer
Dec 08 2015 18:39
Please ignore previous question I posted this now is jspm/jspm. Sorry for the confusion