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Dec 2015
Dec 13 2015 11:42
diego, you should probably create config json's for the typescript compiler instead
Bnaya Peretz
Dec 13 2015 15:23
When i have exception on one of my modules, instead of showing the exception source on the file it thows something like:
 system.js:4 Uncaught (in promise) Error: asdasd is not defined
The sourcemaps are working properly when i browser the code and setting breakpoints. also "pause on exception dose not work"
Peter Uithoven
Dec 13 2015 16:41
When trying this in chrome you can click the ... (dots), this will usually show the actual stack tract.
not sure why pause on exception doesn't work for you, I can't remember issues
Dec 13 2015 18:33
After adding a meta: { '/AppTS/*': { scriptLoad: true } }, tag to my config.js I get the following error every 2nd or 3rd time I run the application: Module http://localhost:52404/AppTS/Main.js interpreted as amd module format, but called System.register. Here is a Gist with the related files: Also my tsconfig is steup as "module": "system", the weird thing is it doesn't happen every time I run the application.
Owen Densmore
Dec 13 2015 22:37

Is there a gist or other example of using systemjs with precompiled babel es6 source which has import/export (i.e. modules)?

The babel compile would only transpile modules and a few missing es6 features from canary .. 82% es6-complete (yay!).

I'm hoping I just need a <script> for system.js and possibly a configuration object specifying use of system.js.