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Jan 2016
Sandeep Srinivasa
Jan 02 2016 05:25
@msterba could you post your complete package.json and config.js ? I'm trying to figure somewhat what you are doing - loading some files from CDN as well. were you able to do this using a jspm override - I hate mucking around in the config.js.
Sebastien Arod
Jan 02 2016 07:46
@alexisvincent système.config merges first level only (see Base URL has to be defined at first call.
Jan 02 2016 16:15
hey guys, this is going to sound dumb, but is there any way to configure systemJS to respect the node index.js thing? I’m having to do import * from ‘../util/index’ instead of ‘../util’ — I know I can do a mapping via paths, but that seems really ugly to do per-module.. surely there’s an automated way to do it?
i would expect some sort of option that says if util.js is 404
try util/index.js