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Jan 2016
Pablo De Nadai
Jan 08 2016 10:16 UTC
Hi guys, I'm wondering if this setup is inline with what's recommended.
In Dev (files aren't bundled) I'm loading the app's entry package.
In Prod (files are bundled) I'm loading the app's entry module.
Chris Grant
Jan 08 2016 12:49 UTC

I've got a Typescript Angular project and im trying to consume an external library by importing it's core.js file, which has the following in it

exports.AppComponent = require('./lib/AppComponent').AppComponent;

But I can't seem to get that to work with systemjs. It complains with Uncaught ReferenceError: exports is not defined, which is true, but I thought systemjs was able to consume these files. Obviously it doesn't work this way so does anyone have any pointers in the right direction?

Jan 08 2016 14:42 UTC
@ChrisGrant I always use external modules and import declarations when using SystemJS. I thought import require exists for backward compatibility. Would is be easy to remove the require and use import {AppComponent} from "./lib/AppComponent"?
TypeScript import declaration info =
Chris Grant
Jan 08 2016 14:43 UTC
@DeanB2015 potentially. I'm in the middle of trying out webpack instead just so I can get a good overview of both ways of developing an angular app. I'll switch branch and try that out that once I've finished the webpack version. Thank you for your help!
Jan 08 2016 15:38 UTC
@ghpabs Very cool Angular 2 seed / starter kit. Here's my index.html version for Angular2 beta + TypeScript + Cordova.
Adam Reis
Jan 08 2016 21:34 UTC
Hi all, is it possible to define a main “app” module for your application so that you can import all app files from that namespace rather than having to work with relative paths (e.g. import something from ‘app/shared/my-module' instead of import something from ‘../../shared/my-module’)? If so, how would you go about configuring systemjs to support this app namespace if you will, and still know to look in other locations (e.g. node_modules) for other modules? Thanks in advance.
Peter Uithoven
Jan 08 2016 21:37 UTC
@adambuczynski you don't have to use relative paths. You can use absolute paths, probably from the folder you have configured in baseURL, which is probably your project's root folder.