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Jan 2016
Jan 21 2016 14:13

Hi. I'm using systemJS in an Aurelia env.
So I've imported MomentJS and used it in a ValueConverter - which works great!
The problem is, that momentJS isn't loading its "locals" translation folder (translations to other languages) which means MomentJS will only support English (its default).

So why is that?
When I invoke moment.lang('ar') - it fails as internally it calls require('./locale/ar') - but this throws an error of "Module ./locale/ar not declared as a dependency".

From investigating this, I understand that systemJS (according to the config.js file created by JSPM) didn't load the files and therefore the require call fails.

So how am I suppose to tell JSPM, in order for it to configure the config.js file correctly, to include the extra locale/*.js files I need?
Please help! Thanks!

Dean Sofer
Jan 21 2016 23:27
i'm having trouble trying to build a dist file that exposes a global var