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Jan 2016
Chee Zhiquan
Jan 22 2016 04:08

@jpsala I have the same problem as you on trying to install Bootstrap v4 alpha 2. I used the global custom metas configuration in SystemJS to expose Tether as a globals object for bootstrap.

In your config.js just add these lines at the end and it should work

meta: {
    "bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js": {
        deps: [ "tether/dist/js/tether.js" ],
        globals: {
            "Tether": "tether/dist/js/tether.js"
Dean Sofer
Jan 22 2016 08:40
I am using the global mode to build my lib, but it seems to only return a factory or the closure that's executed, do I have to explicitly inside my codebase put the object onto a global or something?
Like the difference between common and global appears to be at the end of the file it does factory() instead of modules.export = factory()
Jan 22 2016 10:25
@ProLoser no, in global format the module object is exposed to the global scope like this ValueOfBuildPropertyGlobalName = factory() without a var statement, what causes the new variable implicitly to be created as "global".
Juan Pablo Sala
Jan 22 2016 14:11
@zenvisuals I will try when at home and comment, thanks a lot, I have been strugling with this for a while
Jan 22 2016 14:28

Hello~ I just update my jspm to 0.17.0-beta3 then I found the systemjs cannot find aurelia-bootstrapper any more..
get url like this:


I saw the new jspm get the module via json file, and the bootstrapper module's main file path is


but the json file is

  "main": "aurelia-bootstrapper",
  "format": "amd"

and all the aurelia-* module have the same problem, anyone can help me ?

Dean Sofer
Jan 22 2016 19:49
@gcnm-pgeil where do i set the build property global name?