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Jan 2016
Juan Pablo Sala
Jan 25 2016 01:12
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@zenvisuals Thanks! it worked! I was trying to make this work for days
Chee Zhiquan
Jan 25 2016 06:42
@jpsala No worries, glad it worked for you as well :smile:
Branko Ilic
Jan 25 2016 14:06
Hello everyone
Branko Ilic
Jan 25 2016 18:31

can anyone share an example how to set angular2 for production. basically what i want to do is bundle everything into one js file and then reference that file from HTML something like this ```<html>

<title>Hello Angular World</title>

<script src="/js/myApp.bundle.min.js"></script>


Dean Sofer
Jan 25 2016 19:19
is it normal to build a node and web version of a package that gets published to npm?