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Jan 2016
Jan 30 2016 12:20
Hi guys
I'm really curious that how to get source path(like a ZeroClipboard.swf file) where in generated library npm or github?
Jan 30 2016 12:35
I have found solution..
Juan Pablo Sala
Jan 30 2016 12:56

I posted this in jspm/jspm too, I hope it's fine.

Hi, I'm trying to get undo functionality in a little project(just to learn to use aurelia), what I'm doing is:

jspm install npm:undo-manager                                                    dev ✚ ✱
     Looking up npm:undo-manager
     Updating registry cache...
ok   Installed undo-manager as npm:undo-manager@^1.0.4 (1.0.4)
ok   Install tree has no forks.

ok   Install complete.

but when a try to import it

import {undoManager} from 'undo-manager';

I get this:

Unhandled promise rejection Error: XHR error (404 Not Found) loading http://localhost:9000/jspm_packages/npm/undo-manager@1.0.4.js(…)