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Feb 2016
Dobromir Brezoev
Feb 08 2016 12:53
So nobody can help me ? :point_up: February 3, 2016 3:22 PM
Peter Uithoven
Feb 08 2016 14:57
Did anyone try using Benchmark.js ( ) with SystemJS / JSPM ?
Andrew Stoker
Feb 08 2016 16:55
@dbrezoev , your map question. You're basically listing dependencies for that toastr map. If you have css and jQuery already mapped to packages, then that will say when you ask for github:CodeSeven... that those two other packages will be loaded up if needed
Are you using jspm as a package manager? It would benefit you if you had something like this (which jspm does automatically):
"github:CodeSeven/toastr@2.1.2": {
   "css": "github:systemjs/plugin-css@0.1.19",
   "jquery": "github:components/jquery@2.1.4"
That way, you can just say System.import('toastr') instead of System.import('github:CodeSeven/toastr@2.1.2')