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Feb 2016
Feb 18 2016 00:08
@Munter It seems to be able to load other node modules, such as angular2 and rxjs
Eric Martinez
Feb 18 2016 00:33
Hey guys, can anyone look at this issue angular/angular#6929 ? I'm seeing the same. I ask here in case anyone could know anything (it's angular2 building process so they should take care of it, I think...)
Owen Densmore
Feb 18 2016 04:43
This message was deleted
Owen Densmore
Feb 18 2016 04:48

:point_up: February 15, 2016 9:12 PM
So: when using System.import(main.js) which has lots of import/export statements, do I need to use Babel to convert the files import/export statements?

Or will System see the import/exports and simply treat them as es6 modules w/ no need for transpiling?

Chris Smola
Feb 18 2016 20:50
hey, if system can shim requirejs, is there some way to set the require config to do cachebusting?