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Feb 2016
Davis Kim
Feb 19 2016 01:45
anyone running 0.17beta7?
jspm, that is
Davis Kim
Feb 19 2016 01:52
This message was deleted
André Werlang
Feb 19 2016 12:02
@davis there's a room for jspm =>
Marc Wensauer
Feb 19 2016 15:41
how to load (map) this here without transpiling : ?
I tried mapping this here : but that seems not to be the correct :)
Marc Wensauer
Feb 19 2016 15:53
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: _mithrilJ2c2.default.attach is not a function(…)
import styler from 'mithril-j2c';

const cls = styler.attach({
    '.foo': {
        background: 'blue'
Owen Densmore
Feb 19 2016 19:53

:point_up: February 17, 2016 9:48 PM

Ah HA! I just found which appears to be exactly what I need:

  • it only transpiles (dynamically) the import/export statements, no other es6 transpilation.
  • it supports <script type="module">
  • It also appears that Traceur is the simplest transpiler (babel would need the es6 module loader and be a bit of a pain)

Is this correct?

Jason Pearson
Feb 19 2016 22:22
can anyone tell me how to point jspm to the dev version of angular2? My map is currently setup like "angular2": "npm:angular2@2.0.0-beta.6