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Feb 2016
Ruslan P.
Feb 24 2016 01:43

If I use plugin-jsx I can't build my app. it says:

err  MultipleErrors: Error compiling esm module "app/item1.jsx!github:floatdrop/plugin-jsx@1.2.1.js" at app/item1.jsx

is there anybody who had the same problem? Is there a solution for this or I need to investigate it on my own?

I've just found that the bug exists only If I import new files, so for example if you have just app.jsx and you want to build it, like this:
jspm bundle app.jsx!
it works
but if app.jsx has some imports like this one:
import item1 from "item1.jsx!"
it doesn't
Ruslan P.
Feb 24 2016 01:51
the interesting thing here, is that I don't have this bug with jspm@0.16.15
Adam Burgess
Feb 24 2016 02:27
@milworm could be due to a bug that will be fixed in systemjs/builder#509 which was about esm plugin transpiling
if you manually patch it with this diff, does the error still remain? systemjs/builder@13ed
Ruslan P.
Feb 24 2016 02:34
I've just actually fixed it
using that way
ah .. it took me ah hour to find where is the problem :(
@AdamBurgess thanks !
Maxime Veber
Feb 24 2016 22:53

Hello guys. I'm a newbie and I really don't understand how to make work systemjs. It would be cool if you accept to help me. I use it for an angular2 application (with typescript).
I tried systemjs alone with some JS scripts. It was pretty hardcore. As I understood it's not designed to be use in pure ES5 but with transpiler... Or the documentation is really really missing too much :/ (wanna help to write some things ???).
Anyway problem is building the application. I use angular js basically with systemjs (as recommanded). I guess I need to build my production release with system builder, right ? I don't understand if I'm right because the documentation suggests that it's mainly designed to transpile files... (with babel) I also don't get the difference between systemjs map and systemjs builder map... I notice that there is a way to minify... ? wut ? what does it use ? uglifyjs ?
Finaly as I understand, systemjs replace gulp, am i right ?

But maybe I don't get something... because all angularjs2 seeds i saw droped support for systemjs. The project is too young or something ?

And do not hesitate to tell me if this should be in another discussion channel. Thanks you for reading and answer !