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Mar 2016
Martin Mason
Mar 03 2016 03:49
I'm testing a yeoman generator I'm writing. My production workflow doesn't work properly. Systemjs doesn't seem to be recognizing the bundles property in config.js. When I replace the current version of systemjs, 0.19.23, installed from jspm, with those from an earlier version, 0.19.9, everything appears to be working correctly. Anyone else seen this behavior?
Alex Kovalenko
Mar 03 2016 07:55
I got the error "Cannot read property 'createDefine' of undefined" after updating to 0.19.23
Anyone can help me to fix this ?
Maxime Veber
Mar 03 2016 07:56
I have similar weird issue on reloading page with browersync.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cancelTask' of undefined
Adam Burgess
Mar 03 2016 08:11
show the stacktrace?
Maxime Veber
Mar 03 2016 08:12
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cancelTask' of undefined
(anonymous function) @ zone.js:88
clearTimeout @ VM120:3
Socket.onClose @ browser-sync-client.2.11.1.js:1
(anonymous function) @ browser-sync-client.2.11.1.js:1
Not really helpful :|
Mar 03 2016 09:15
hey, I am not sure if you guys can help as my issue is within aurelia BUT it uses systemjs for module resolution so I hope so :)
so I have a scenario where I have a src folder which contains source code, a dist folder which contains processed files to ES5
and then an example folder which contains a simple demo aurelia app
now the problem is when I am in the example dir I want to reference my dist/index.js as the module entry point for my-plugin
so whereas normally when I do something like (Aurelia specific) .plugin("my-plugin") which looks in <current-dir>/my-plugin.js I want to map it to the dist folder
now I have kinda solved that by doing either a path for it in the config.js or a packages entry for it
and that does correctly resolve the index.js however the issue now is that within the dist/index.js that has local references to other files i.e dist/elements/some-element.js
so it would do aurelia.globalResources("./elements/some-element.js"); which I assume under the hood resolves into a System.Import("./elements/some-element.js"); although I cannot confirm that
anyway hopefully this shows my problem, and if anyone can offer advice it would be great
Sean Anderson
Mar 03 2016 17:58

@guybedford Is this expected behavior?

System.normalizeSync('./foo.css', '${System.baseURL}common/css/'); // ${System.baseURL}common/foo.css

The issue is the lack of trailing slash on common/css. I expected the normalized URL to be common/css/foo.css, but it's not unless I append the trailing slash. doesn't seem to show trailing slashes at all.