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Mar 2016
John Manko
Mar 07 2016 00:54
hey everyone. how do I debug system.js installed packages with Firefox debugger? Also the*.js deps are listed on the Network panel, the debugger doesn't list system.js loaded files.
I want to debug a dep library.
Eros Stein
Mar 07 2016 14:28
hi, everyone. does anyone know why I get an error with jspm json packages?
I read it could be due to a missing npm json plugin
that check?
@guybedford I just saw you’re the creator of one… maybe you can shed some light :)
Ryan Truong
Mar 07 2016 15:50
Hello everyone, I have just started using SystemJS a few days ago. I am aware that there is an option to encode names in the bundling process. However, in the scenarios where I want to have separate bundles, e.g. dependencies & apps using:
Jspm bundle main.js - [main.js]
And jspm bundle main.js
The encoded names from the first command will not be recognized by the second command. Is there any solution for this?