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Mar 2016
Robert Krahn
Mar 09 2016 02:15
@guybedford Is there a way to run systemjs in a "dry-run" mode, resolving the static dependencies, maybe fetching resources without actually running the modules?
Dixit Thareja
Mar 09 2016 13:30
Hello All, I am starting a new project based on AngularJs 2.0 and using Apache Tomcat as a web server and I am strict on this web server as this is my requirement because at the end I have to deploy it on Apache tomcat but is it possible that I will develop my project using npm and later in production time I can deploy it on apache tomcat??
Vojtech Polivka
Mar 09 2016 16:09
hi, can jspm just install my current package.json "dependencies" to the jspm_packages folder? I don't want to have a separate "jspm" property in my package.json file