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Mar 2016
Thomas Sieverding
Mar 11 2016 01:26
Why doesn't this work to bypass a plugin?
  map: {
    'profile/views/edit.stache!npm:can@2.3.20/view/stache/system.js': 'profile/views/edit.stache.js'
Owen Densmore
Mar 11 2016 21:50

I finally got my workflow using system.js for module loading of precompiled babel source (only transforming import/export).

My question is handling module paths. Inside the es6 modules I'm writing, I end up exporting something like: export default util but have to import is as: import util from 'lib/util.js'

How do I set up my config so that I can drop the dir name? And not with a map for every file! Maybe wild cards? Or second best, maybe use a lib/ dir, but let that be in a hierarchy deeper than the web page?

Adam Reis
Mar 11 2016 22:03