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Mar 2016
Thomas Sieverding
Mar 24 2016 00:15
How do you get bundle configuration when using System’s builder?
Wouldn’t one need to update config to support bundles? So if I did builder.bundle(‘foo.js’, ‘foo.js’), I’d have to go back and update config to map that dependency tree
Manuel Pacheco
Mar 24 2016 05:15
@dchacke your import syntax is probably wrong. import * as da from 'deep-assign'; should be what you need. Check the differences on the docs. I'm on the phone right now but you should be able to find by yourself.
Dixit Thareja
Mar 24 2016 10:40
This message was deleted
Gregg Roemhildt
Mar 24 2016 14:15
:point_up: March 21, 2016 10:38 AM Can SystemJS handle dojo amd style plugins?
Wei Wang
Mar 24 2016 18:17
Hello everyone, is there a way in my config.js file to ignore a path glob?
Marjan Georgiev
Mar 24 2016 21:48
anyone has similar issues with the builder? systemjs/builder#532